1. Community Mapping

We have expertise to conduct spatial analysis and detailed mapping of local resources, community assets, and socio-economic / demographic patterns that will help you increase spatial intelligence and local awareness in your decision-making. Our maps and reports can also serve as a basis for data-driven public and stakeholder engagement. We can share maps and spatial information in a static report or through interactive online maps.

2. Collaborative Mapping

Our community engagement and participatory mapping processes can be designed for wide public outreach or targeted focus groups to engage key interest groups and to foster collaborative action planning. In all cases, we focus the conversation on the places and landscapes that matter to people, and in turn provide a forum for meaningful, actionable input from communities and stakeholders. We can design engagement processes around paper maps or online interactive maps, either in-person or virtually.

3. Online, Interactive Mapping

We can host our maps and spatial information online to facilitate wide public outreach and interactive engagement. Our tools also enable online participatory mapping, allowing users to contribute their knowledge and their opinion about specific sites and features directly on the map through online channels.

How these services can be applied

Renewable Energy Planning
Environmental Policies
Locational Intelligence for Community Services